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Choosing me as your counsellor

If you’re looking for a counsellor, you need to find someone who is going to be a good “fit” for you. I believe that the most important part of any counselling is having a good relationship with the therapist. You need to be able to trust me and feel comfortable talking to me about yourself. Otherwise you cannot get the best out of the experience. 

Contacting a counsellor for the first time can be daunting. I know you might be nervous or struggling to put things into words. It is okay if you are not quite sure what you want from this. Together we can work out whether this is right for you and I will do everything I can to put you at your ease.

How I work

Before you decide if I am the right counsellor to work with you, let me tell you a bit more about how I work. I see individuals on an open-ended basis, long or short term. My aim is to give you the space that you need to talk about anything that concerns you, and then to help you to understand or process it. My counselling style is Integrative, which brings together different elements of specific therapies. 

Essentially, I am not only concerned with what works, but why it works, tailoring therapy to my clients and not the client to the therapy. I want you to feel valued and heard, so that you can feel comfortable about opening up to me. Anything you want to talk about will be welcomed, because it is all part of what makes you who you are. If you want to try me out for a first session, please check my availability by clicking the button below.

My Therapeutic Approach

I am trained as an “integrative” counsellor, which means that I draw on more than one type of counselling approach and combine them. 

I work with person-centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Attachment approaches to counselling. These are well-established counselling theories with many years of research behind them.

My Qualifications

I hold the following qualifications:

  • CerHe In Autism – Sheffield Hallam University
  • PG Cert in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy - University of Derby
  • PG Diploma in Integrative Counselling & psychotherapy - University of Derby
  • MSc In Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy – University of Derby
  • Level 7 PG Cert in Clinical Supervision - University of Derby
  • Cruse Bereavement Care - Awareness in Bereavement Care (ABC) certificate
  • Acentis Level 3 certificate in Bereavement care
  • DCC Mental Health Awareness 
  • DCC Safeguarding training
  • Level 2 ACTO Professional approved Certificate in Online & Telephone Counselling (120 hours)

Professional Background

Before I became a Psychotherapist I worked as an administrator within the NHS and more recently as a personal banker adviser for a well known high street bank. My favourite part of the job was making connections with people, skills, which I have carried through into my work as a counsellor. In the early stages of my counselling career I built up experience as a volunteer in various charities. I have volunteered for charities such as Cruse Bereavement Care, The Elm Foundation (formerly Derbyshire Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Service).

Personal Background

Through my experiences as a client I have had a chance to process grief, heal old wounds and transform negative patterns that were holding me back. This has made me passionate about offering therapeutic relationships to others. For me there is nothing more healing than being heard by someone who understands and cares.